About Us

For more than seven decades of success and growth, it is a great pleasure to introduce Panorama Interior Design Company to the local and global market to present its inherent expertise in creating decorative style and furniture. It was originally founded in Jordan in 1940 known as Fekri al Mufti and sons for Interior Design & Furniture, was updated in 1973 and was characterized by excellence in manufacturing furniture, decoration, inscription on timber and exquisite handmade crafts. In order to keep up with the property growth and rapid developments in process and techniques, the company has renewed its factory and provides wiht high quality machines and benefits from the predecessor's knowledge where they are integrated to prospect the future demands of the current time. while keeping the originality of trade name, we emphasize on maintaining the same quality and accuracy of work to meet deadlines which is one of the most important slogans of our company. The keen on keeping up with the global market, to develop and continue presenting the best designs and services for the customer convenience is our main objective.

Our dedicated team of professionals applies international expertise combined with the local knowledge to every project, regardless of size or budget; the objective being to ensure that every client brief, no matter how complex, is interpreted into flexible, durable and cost-effective design solutions, on time and within budget.

We work closely with each of our clients, creating unique and best designs, providing highest quality of products and services which will satisfy all the clients demand and requirements.

Now that we are generally recognized, successful and known in the society with our expertise and originality, we are proudly to introdice the continuous expanding of our operations and services by establishing Panorama interior Design & Furniture in U.A.E. In this, with highly innovated services, creative and unique designs providing the demands, needs, good quality and quantity, we believe that we will reach the high expectation of customers.